Since the Trust’s formation in 1990, the volunteer Trustees and Members have been involved in many heritage projects on Bute.

In 2004 the Bute Conservation Trust initiated the Discover Bute Landscape Partnership Scheme as part of the Trust’s aim of conserving the natural, built and social heritage of Bute.

The Trust is always looking for members who want to be involved in Bute’s built and natural heritage.


Latest News


December 2019: Bridle gate installed on Barone Hill path

There is a good path from Rothesay up to the fine viewpoint at the top of Barone Hill. At some times of year grazing cattle may be encountered on the path. The farmer has experienced problems with some walkers leaving the wide gate unsecured, allowing the cattle to stray. To remedy this we have installed a bridle gate for walkers to use. (Pictured on an end of year misty morning by Donald... read more